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Spousal Greed at Intersection of Probate & Criminal Law

When Ben Novak, Jr. was found murdered last year at the NYC Hilton, his wife Narcy was one of the first people questioned by the NYPD. She goes on trial next week for the murders of her husband and Mother-in-Law.

Novak inherited a portion of the fortune of his father, Ben Novak, the former owner of the heralded Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Ben, Jr.’s estate, estimated between six and ten million, contains an impressive collection of Batman memorabilia.

In a pathetic interview she gave to the NYPD, Narcy can be seen claiming she had no idea of the value of the memorabilia which she deemed to be only so much junk. That “junk” may be worth $2 million dollars and now, on the eve of her criminal trial, Narcy and other Novak family members are wrangling in the Broward County Probate Court over control of the estate’s assets. They fear that Narcy may try to liquidate the estate assets to pay for her criminal defense.

Narcy Novak is accused of soliciting the murders of her family members; Ben Jr.’s mother was bludgeoned with a pipewrench.

We here at the electronic probate attorney see greed in many forms. Occasionally, family members go to surprising lengths of evil to “get the money”.

Human nature? Is money thicker than blood? Go figure.

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