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Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Waterford, Michigan

A person convicted of a crime has an absolute right to an appeal. If convicted of a misdemeanor in a district court, the appeal is filed with the county circuit court for review. If convicted of a felony, the appeal is filed with the Michigan Court of Appeals. Appeals of convictions in federal district courts are taken to the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Waterford & Clarkston criminal appeals lawyers at Clarkston Legal have extensive experience with both state law and federal convictions. At all times, lawyers in our firm are busy preparing an appellate brief or preparing for an oral argument.  In an appeal, once the appellate briefs are filed, several months elapse — sometimes as much as a year goes by — while the court of appellate review examines the briefs. Eventually, an oral argument is scheduled. At oral argument, the appellate lawyers have to opportunity to answer any questions the judges may have; they often debate legal points with the judges, and they have the opportunity to explain the legal position of their client directly to the judges that will decide the case.

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As in any criminal matter, time is of the essence. Once convicted, the defendant has only a few weeks to file the proper paperwork. We pride ourselves in efficiently reviewing all of the proceedings that occurred in a client’s criminal case, identifying the issues, discussing all appellate options with the client, and filing timely pleadings to preserve the client’s constitutional rights.

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