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Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys in Waterford, Michigan

Families and individuals that have acquired wealth, or are in the process of acquiring property through their peak investment and earning years, should give serious thought to protecting their property through effective estate planning. An estate plan is not simply a piece of paper; it is peace of mind. If you or your family have an estate, no matter the size, it is important to preserve what you have worked a lifetime to accumulate for the benefit of your family.  Life-altering events such as divorce, and death bring this planning, or the lack of it, into sharp focus. The estate planning & probate attorneys at Clarkston Legal are experienced in assessing a family’s or an individual’s estate planning or probate needs and providing reasonably affordable instruments customized to meet those needs for our clients.

Whether you are seeking long-term estate planning, or are forced to protect family assets in reaction to a life-altering event, our law firm is prepared to serve your legal needs. Our firm has decades of experience in planning for a transfer of wealth within a family from one generation to the next generation. Get in contact with Clarkston Legal today and schedule a free consultation for your case. We serve the communities of Waterford, Clarkston, White Lake, Commerce Township, and West Bloomfield, Michigan.

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Often, members of our families are rendered incompetent either through the aging process or by a mental illness.  The incapacitated individual may no longer be able to manage their own affairs and can become a danger to themselves or to others. In such cases, guardianship or a conservatorship may be appropriate. Our law firm has attorneys who can assist you with the necessary petitions to acquire this status for your family member or loved one.

We are also skilled in keeping you out of court. Our attorneys can design customized trust instruments to preserve your assets and to avoid the probate court. Clients often come to us, however, when a loved one has died, and probating the estate cannot be avoided. Some of our clients are forced to litigate in probate court due to intractable disputes among family members.  Either way, your legal needs are served in an efficient and affordable manner by our experienced litigation attorneys. Contact our law firm in Waterford, Michigan today, and schedule your free consultation for your estate planning and probate case.

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Our law firm can prepare the following trust and estate planning documents tailored to your specific probate and testamentary needs:

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At Clarkston Legal, we have reasonable legal fees and flexible payment options that will minimize the cost of your estate planning and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a sound and properly executed estate plan. Contact our Clarkston Legal estate planning and probate attorneys today. Schedule a free consultation with us today in Waterford, Michigan. We provide our legal services to Clarkston, White Lake, Commerce Township, and West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys in Waterford, Michigan

Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to creating a plan for your estate that works for your family. We have extensive experience in creating wills and trusts, naming a power of attorney, avoiding probate, and more. For a free consultation, reach out to us in Waterford, Michigan today, and schedule a free case consultation.