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In the past, a sexual assault was referred to as rape. In modern times, rape is broken down into specific crimes known as criminal sexual conduct in various degrees. The statutes here in Michigan proscribe a broad range of conduct.

Today’s fast-paced “hook-up” culture is characterized by conduct that many people do not realize is potentially criminal. Sexual liaisons that start out consensual can turn criminal depending on all the circumstances.

The Waterford & Clarkston sex crimes lawyers at Clarkston Legal are experienced with all aspects of criminal sexual conduct. Get in touch with us immediately if you are facing such charges. We can help you.

Prior to charging an individual with criminal sexual conduct, most law enforcement agents will seek a statement from the alleged sexual assailant. When this occurs, it is the best course of action not to offer a statement to the police. This is because the accused, usually not aware of the applicable criminal statutes and the intricate nuances of those statutes, will be going to a law enforcement officer to have a recorded conversation with trained professionals. These law enforcement professionals are trained to obtain evidence from the accused about important facts such as time, place, and event specifics.

In most cases, once the police have reached out to an individual involved in an incident of sexual contact that was reported to the police, the best course of action is to retain legal counsel rather than go to the police with “your side of the story”. This is chiefly due to the fact that a recorded statement, any statement, begins to lock the suspect into a set of facts detrimental to that person’s ability to maintain their innocence and to remain conviction-free.

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The Michigan Penal Code has divided criminal sexual conduct into four degrees, each with many requirements and complications. The links below will bring you to a page detailing each of the various degrees of criminal sexual conduct. Also, there is a link to a page describing the sex offender registration act and its so-called “Romeo and Juliet” exception.

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The Waterford criminal lawyers at Clarkston Legal are experienced in all aspects of criminal sexual conduct and it is in your best interest to contact us immediately if you are facing such charges. We can help you.