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The Grey Divorcee

Clarkston Legal Oct. 20, 2012

A recent study published by the Bowling Green State University concludes that divorce has replaced widowhood as the primary reason many seniors are single later in life. No surprise there, as the United States has long held the highest divorce rate in the world.

As the baby-boomer generation ages, more of its members have been divorced than in any prior generation at any point in history. Add to this the more complex marital biographies of average baby-boomers [second marriage, recently divorced, ever divorced], and you cannot ignore the growing prevalence of divorce in our society.

The study concludes that as widowhood has declined over the past two decades, the divorce rate among the middle-aged and seniors has doubled. Also of note in this demographic is that, among divorced seniors, they achieved this status much earlier in their lives than in the past.

Another conclusion drawn by this study is that over the next two decades, as the growth of the “older” population accelerates, so will the divorce rate among mature adults.

One option to consider is separate maintenance. This option, although not for everyone, has the advantage of allowing an unemployed spouse to maintain health insurance coverage. In most cases, this saves the unemployed spouse approximately $500 per month by not having to pay an insurance premium.

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