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Family Dollar and 7-11 Stores to Accept Child Support Payments

Clarkston Legal Aug. 17, 2016

Our law firm tracks innovations designed to improve payment of child support. Recently, a new child support program caught our attention.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced a program that allows cash child support payments at select Family Dollar and 7-11 retailers. This convenient service allows payors that need to pay their support obligations in cash, or lack reliable transportation, to pay at 550 select retailers across the state.

Some payors move away from the county where the case was filed. If these payors lack employment and lack the sophistication to make electronic payments [i.e. they may not have the resources for a computer with an Internet connection] they would need to travel directly to the Friend of the Court to make their payments.

MDHHS, through its Michigan State Disbursement Unit, partnered with PayNearMe and the select retailers to provide this convenience for consumers of family court services. The MiSDU processes over one billion dollars of child support payments annually.

Employers automatically deduct child support for many payors. However, not all payors have steady employment conducive to support payments.

Seasonal employees and cash employees cannot have automatic payroll deductions. Also, self-employed payors and unemployed payors must make other direct-payment arrangements.

This new service adds a convenience factor encouraging parents to stay on top of their child support obligations. Payors can click on this link and follow the simple steps to make a payment; one step lists all participating retail stores.

Payors using PayNearMe receive a code on their cell phone. The payor simply takes the code to the nearest participating retail store and make the cash payment.

There is a $1.99 service charge to use the service. Payments take 3-days to process, just like any other form of electronic payment.

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