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Child Support Calculator Available On-Line

Used to be that family court litigants, when attempting to accurately calculate their child support, needed to check with a lawyer who owned proprietary software. Those days are over as the DHS Office of Child Support has now put a new child support calculator on-line.

New Way to Calculate Child Support

Here is a link to the calculator, known simply as CALC. This public child support calculator has been used by the Friends of the Court and its staff for a while now. Finally, the calculator is public.

Because child support is calculated through an algorithm, using inputs of the relative income of the parents and the number of overnight parenting sessions in each home, the support obligation should be the same, regardless of what calculator is used.

In the past, various software programs available to attorneys calculated child support in similar fashion. Different programs did yield slightly different outputs.

The CALC program may bring a long-overdue standardization to the process of calculating child support. So long as the inputs are accurate, this child support calculator determines accurate support obligations.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine the relative incomes of the parents. This is especially true of self-employed payors.

The public nature of CALC allows a litigant to check their child support obligation prior to initiating a case, or seeking review of an existing support obligation. Agreements between parents should be easier to attain with the availability of this support calculator.

We Can Help

Our staff of lawyers will be receiving training on CALC next week at the Waterford & Clarkston Friend of the Court. FOC staffers who have been using CALC for some time will present it to members of the family court bar. Lawyers will learn some of the tricks to this software.

If you have a child support case, hit the link above to determine your probable child support obligation.

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